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Welcome to CHOICE!


Simple, Fun, Practical


Why choose Connect and Care?

Stressed, overwhelmed, too busy, lacking work life balance, feel like you’re burning out, poor sleep? The CHOICE programme will empower you to lead your healthiest, happiest, life. 



  • 5-week online workshop program

  • 12 months of well-being connection, care, education and guidance

  • Group training of up to 16 participants for each workshop

  • Open, honest platform to be your authentic awesome self

  • Monthly reconnection webinars to refresh, energise and motivate you

  • CONNECT AND CARE certificate to show your commitment to well-being, through preventative advocacy programming



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What's Included?


WORKSHOP 1 :  BE ACTIVE, do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood


Exploring signs of depression and anxiety, the most common mental health problems in NZ.  


Science behind how being active impacts our wellbeing, activity goal setting exercises, a short introduction into mindfulness.


Looking at the Maori Health model and the holistic wellbeing guidelines around this.


WORKSHOP 2:  TAKE NOTICE of the simple things that give you joy

Looking at our lenses and filters and how we respond and react to different life circumstances.  


Exploring cultural differences and identities and the challenges we face around diversity and inclusion.  Science behind fight, flight and freeze, understanding our body and brains reaction to stress responses in life and our coping mechanisms.  


Golden rules around positive communication and opening up conversations around suicide prevention (if that’s your CHOICE?).  Some brain chill to finish. 


WORKSHOP 3:  GIVE your time, words and presence

Definitions and some research and examples around the benefits of giving our time, words and presence.  


Exploring different addictions, gambling, substance abuse and co-existing problems.  Encouraging participants to consider their relationship with substances (alcohol and drugs) and how they may impact our working and everyday lives.  


Considering personal and/or workplace boundaries, exploring if/how we can set these in line with organisational/personal need.  Closing with a mind chill practice building on the last session.


WORKSHOP 4:  CONNECT, talk and listen, be there, feel connected

What is connection and how can this support our wellbeing?  


Exploring the science behind the benefits of connection.  Different ways to connect and considering if those connections are healthy and beneficial for our wellbeing.  


Building on mind chill from last time.  


WORKSHOP 5:  KEEP LEARNING, embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself

Science behind how learning impacts us and our overall wellbeing.  Different ways of how to learn, our existing community/workplace facilities available and encouraging participants to explore their individual (often unknown) interests.  

A summary of the key messages from our CHOICE wellbeing program.  Closing the five week group program with some mind chill.  Discuss our first upcoming opportunity to re-connect.

IT DOESN’T END HERE – we stay reconnected after this, each month, for a whole year, online.  CONNECT AND CARE, for one year.  CHOICE!


Early Bird Pricing!

Sign up to CHOICE before the 1st September for only $299 + GST per person

Usual price for CHOICE is $399 + GST per person

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